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Listing Process

Basic Info

Using the form below, provide us your information including the address of the home we will be listing.

Step One

Property consultation with your dedicated listing specialist, whom will help you come up with the most competitive price to list your property and will coordinate the installation of your lockbox and yard sign

Agent Intro

Next you will receive an intro call from real estate listing specialist. Your agent will walk you through the final steps to get your home listed .

Step Two

Your listing specialist will then create your MLS listing to highlight key features of your property and will also set up the showing service and feedback system

Finishing Touches

If requested, your agent will coordinate having a sign and lock box installed.  This is when we add the pictures. 

Step Three

Your listing specialist will review any offers that come in and will work with you to find an offer that maximizes your profits on your property


Your property will then be made active on the MLS and marketed all over the world for buyers to see. 

Step Four

Once an offer has been agreed upon, your listing specialist will work with you and your buyers’ settlement company to coordinate the title and closing of your propert.

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